Welcome to the Willand Folk Dance Club web site.

We are delighted to say the new floor is now all in place and tonights Club Night (THURSDAY 26TH JANUARY 2017) is ON. So make sure you come along and join in.

Willand is situated in Mid-Devon close to the M5 motorway, and is part of the busy vibrant scene of folk activities that carries on in Devon throughout the year.

We are a very happy and social group of enthusiastic dancers who really enjoy our dancing. We are a high energy club who love to dance, and the choice of bands and callers we hope will provide the music and the challenge to do just that. We feel our dance club is unique, as it is run and organised by a committee of dancers, providing a full independent programme of events for eleven months of the year.

Willand Village Hall is easy to find, and has a good-sized hall with a re-furbished sprung maple floor. The stage has ample room for band and caller, and there are enough parking spaces in the car park so cars are not left in the road.

In any year you will find twelve dances with selected bands and callers from around the country as well as those on our doorstep, plus a full club night programme from September to June, a residential dancing weekend in February, our annual re-union dinner and dance, a New Year’s Eve dance, and much more. We also have our own music group called The More The Merrier.

If you are not familiar with folk dancing,I suggest you try a club night first. There is more time on a club evening to take a closer look at how each move is danced. All dances will be walked through, and there will be plenty of people only too pleased to offer guidance if needed.

Our aim is to offer an opportunity to new members at all levels, whether you wish to enjoy dancing, playing an instrument, or trying your hand at calling the dance.

So, whether you live in Devon, or just visiting the area on holiday, you can be assured of a warm welcome at any of our events. Just read through the pages and find the wide range of activities we have to offer. If you need further info, just click on the “contact us” link and we shall do our best to answer your questions.

Happy dancing.

Last updated:6th December 2016